Maxima Waterproof Grease

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Maxima Waterproof Grease

High Performance Lithium Complex Grease That Excels In A Multitude Of Conditions, From Light Duty Chassis Applications To Extreme Conditions Such As Wheel Bearings. Formulated With A High Dropping Point And A Robust Antioxidant System, The Nlgi Grade 2 Grease Remains Stable And Effective At Extreme Temperatures. The Lithium Complex Thickener And High-Quality Base Oils Combine With An Advanced Additive Package To Ensure Excellent Protection Against Wear, Water Washout, Corrosion And Oxidation.


Multi-Purpose Grease Can Be Used For Most Heavy Duty And Light Duty Applications Including Wheel Bearings, Axles, Chassis, Brake Hardware And As A Sealant For Air Filter Bases. For Use From -20°F (-29°C) To 560°F (293°C)


  • Superior Protection Across A Wide Range Of Temperatures And Applications.
    • Resistance To High Temperatures And Water Washout Ensures Long-Lasting Protection.
    • High Film Strength Provides Excellent Anti-Wear And Extreme Pressure Performance.
    • Resistance To Salt Water Corrosion Makes Ideal For Use In Marine Applications.
    • Meets Nlgi Certification Gc-Lb.

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