Best Royal Enfield Accessories You Should Buy!

Royal Enfield is the top Indian multinational motorbike manufacturer based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The company is the world's oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production and has manufacturing facilities in Chennai, India. The company makes classic-looking motorcycles, including the Royal Enfield Bullet, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and 500, Meteor 350, RoyalEnfield Thunderbird 350 and 500, RoyalEnfied Interceptor 650, Continental GT, and many more. Royal Enfield also makes adventure and off-road motorcycles like the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Their motorcycles are equipped with one and two-cylinder engines. First established in 1901, Royal Enfield is the oldest bike brand still made in the world, and the Bullet motorcycle model enjoys the longest motorbike production in history. So here is the list of top accessories which you should buy to customize your motorcycle to the next level.


Rolon Brass Plated Chain Sprocket Kit:

Sprockets are sturdy disks with teeth that lock onto a chain. As the sprocket rotates, the teeth grip the chain and move other parts that mesh with the chain. Sprockets are often made of reinforced metal or plastic that can withstand the force of chain movement.

Rolon Brass Plated Chain and Sprocket Set, High-Performance Rolon Brass Coated Chain comes with durable X-ring technology that helps extend service life, Rolon Brass Coated Chains are rust free and have less friction. They are the best chain sprocket kit for all types of Royal Enfield models to increase the motorcycle's performance.



An automotive wiring harness is an electrical assembly of various components in a vehicle that carries power and information to a single system. It plays an important role in transmitting information about the vehicle's operation, sending and receiving signals from sensors, and providing power. The Wire Harness is a systematic and integrated arrangement of wires in an insulating material. The purpose of mounting is to transmit signals or electrical power. 

If the harness is faulty, it must be replaced. You may need to perform this repair if, for example, an electrical plug melts or burns. A melted or burned electrical connector can become hot and cause a fire if not replaced as soon as possible. Our Pro Wiring Harness highlights high-quality waterproof connectors and additional components, is produced to power ANY Auxiliary Light up to 15Amps / 150Watts. Get it now for your Royal Enfield motorcycle. Buy it for the best price ever!



The engine control unit(ECU) is the central component for managing the engine of two-wheelers. Its software processes system information and controls various functions such as fuel delivery, air management, fuel injection, ignition, and exhaust gas treatment. The guarantee is that the remap will not damage the motor or any other component of the bike. But when done under proper supervision and with the right goal, ECU remapping can bring benefits like better performance and even fuel efficiency. 

The PowerTRONIC plug-in power control unit is a ready-to-use quick change, ignition control, and fuel control module. R-Tune PowerTRONIC is our fully equipped tuning interface for PowerTRONIC piggyback ECUs. It allows you to dig deep and have complete control over fuel, ignition, traction, and all advanced settings through a functional yet easy-to-use interface.



A TOP BOX is a storage compartment that is and is attached behind the seat of a motorcycle or scooter. counts as motorcycle accessories. Always wet in the rain because there is no place for a rain suit? Do you need to fasten your helmet after you have parked your bike? Do you need space for additional tools? Get a top case and all these problems will be solved. SHENGLIN offers a wide range of top cases in various designs and capacities.

You need to be calm when transporting things on your motorcycle. This means not only fear of theft but also of losing your belongings. Motorcycles (except scooters) usually have little room for a tool bag and a piece of cloth, but not much more. Carrying everything in a backpack only puts pressure on the shoulders. The SHENGLIN ALUMINUM TOP CASE is equipped with locks that are difficult to handle unless brute force is broken or takes a long time to open. Thieves are casual creatures, so warning others or taking too long is not enough. Furthermore, SHENGLIN ALUMINUM TOP BOXES are so safe that, in the event of an unfortunate accident, they generally won't open or spill their contents. We saw this firsthand during several of our SHENGLIN adventure rides.



Mainly to aid focus in these conditions, find an auxiliary light or two to give you more visibility after dark. And just as you are more visible with the headlights on, your motorcycle stands out during the day with the additional headlights on and has a positive effect on safety.

Maddog Scout Edition's Auxiliary light is equipped with 3000 lumens per pair at just 10 watts, which will really destroy the night. The Scout is equipped with a slim gloss black aluminum case and puts the competition in the shadows in terms of looks and performance. A unique 18-month warranty exchange program that largely determines product quality and warranty.