3 Must-Have Gears For Motorcycle Riders

Are you among those adventurous souls who love riding a motorcycle amid alluring views or cityscape? If yes, you must already know what actually goes around while preparing for an exciting and safe ride. Some of you might think a quick road trip is always harmless, but that’s not the case! Whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie, safety should be your priority. So, investing in good quality motorcycle riding gear is something to look out for.

Do you know the best part about these gears? They don’t compromise style for safety. Of course, you know this...! So, don’t wait any longer and get ready with your bike and gears for an adventure like never before. But before that, take a look at the top 3 most popular motorcycle riding gears that every motorcycle enthusiast should own.

Top 3 Most Popular Motorcycle Riding Gears




Even if everyone already knows, we still have to mention it. While you may enjoy riding your bike when the wind blows your hair (and dust on your face), this may not be the best idea. So grab a helmet! You will be surprised what types of helmets are available on the market. You can choose something comfortable and it can also protect you. We recommend opting for full coverage helmets, as they offer complete protection for your face and head. At HTRZ Modz we have discounts on variety of riding helmets on various brands, checkout our online store.


Elbow / knee pads

This protective gear will make you look even cooler! In addition to riding pants and jackets, you can also add knee pads or elbow pads for an ideal rider-friendly packing list. These are compact and lightweight and can be easily adjusted to fit your body without breaking a sweat or feeling uncomfortable while riding. HTRZ Modz has 50% offer probiker knee and elbow pads, also we offer a additional 10% discount on probiker riding gloves along with this.


Riding gloves

The checklist for the perfect driver is always incomplete without the right pair of gloves. Mainly because you are more likely to use your hands to protect yourself if you have an accident. And if you don't put the gloves on, you'll end up hurting your hands with bruises and cuts. While this is enough to convince you to wear riding gloves, the benefits of it don't stop there. First, they are made of leather and they look great. Second, protect your hands from wind and heat. An advice? Opt for waterproof gloves. We offer 40% discount on Masontex bike riding gloves on our online store HTRZ Modz.


Travel professionals cannot stress enough the importance of safety. Of course, we want to enjoy the thrill of motorcycling, but it is not worth risking your health or even your life. So, make up your mind and get the best motorcycle riding gear, a long-term investment that you will never regret.