Viaterra Shifter Short Motorcycle Riding Gloves

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Viaterra Shifter Short Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Elevate your urban riding experience with the ViaTerra Shifter Short Motorcycle Gloves, designed for riders who demand the perfect blend of protection, performance, and comfort. Combining the features of our acclaimed GRID gloves in a shorter, city-friendly format, the Shifter offers unmatched security without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Here's why the Shifter gloves are your perfect urban riding companion:

  • Excellent Protection: Featuring the same premium KNOX SPS 404 protection found in the world's most advanced gloves with CE level 2 Knuckle protectors, the Shifter provides exceptional impact absorption and abrasion resistance, keeping your hands safe during a fall.
  • Optimum comfort & control: Pre-curved fingers and a comfortable, articulated design with accordion under knuckles & on fingers give you room for movement when operating the levers, clutch, and brake.
  • Enhanced ventilation & breathability - Strategically placed air inlets on the top of the fingers and perforated leather used throughout the Shifter allow maximum airflow in hot & humid Indian weather.
  • Premium Construction: Goatskin leather construction offers superior durability and abrasion resistance, ensuring the Shifter gloves stand up to the rigors of daily riding.
  • City-Friendly Design: The shorter cuff design provides a clean, stylish look while maintaining the freedom of movement you need for manoeuvring through urban environments.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Index and thumb finger tips are touchscreen sensitive, allowing you to stay connected without removing your gloves.

The ViaTerra Shifter Short Motorcycle Gloves are the ultimate choice for urban riders who demand the best in protection, comfort, performance, and style. Order yours today and experience the difference!

The ViaTerra Shifter is the shorter version of our feature-loaded Grid riding gloves that offers all the protection you need for the concrete jungle!

The Shifter comes equipped with the same premium, top of the line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves.

Combine that with high density TPU protectors for knuckle (which exceed CE Level 2 test standards), goatskin leather construction, and you have the best short glove available for the Indian rider.

What's Included?

  • Shifter Short Leather Riding Gloves- 1 Pair

Product Specifications

  • Durable Materials: The Shifter uses goat skin leather that is durable, light and naturally water resistant. The thickness of the leather is kept high for enhanced abrasion resistance.
  • CE Rated Protection: The Shifter comes equipped with the same premium, top-of-the-line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves. Combine that with high-density TPU protectors for knuckle (CE Level 2), goat skin leather, and you have the best protection available for an Indian rider.
  • Knuckle Impact Protection as measured by mean transmitted peak force on the knuckles - 3X Level 2 standard
  • Enhanced comfort: The Shifter comes with floating Knuckle protectors and an stretch panel underneath to allow the knuckle to float giving you room for movement when operating the clutch and brake. Similarly, large accordion panels have been integrated on all the fingers and thumbs to allow free movement while operating levers.
  • Excellent Ventilation: We use perforated leather throughout the Shifter along with air inlets on top of the fingers to allow maximum airflow. This makes the gloves breathable and allows sweat to evaporate quickly making your rides during hot weather more comfortable!

Things To Remember

A few things to keep in mind when you start using the Shifter short leather riding gloves 

  • Putting on and taking off may be slightly difficult because the wrist area is narrowed down for safety reasons. This is done to prevent the gloves from coming off your hands during a crash and to offer a snug fit.
  • You may find the Knox SPS on the palm to be uncomfortable on the first try. But just like any protective gear, over a period of time, you will get used to it so you do not even notice it. These devices are incorporated into the gloves to ensure you are well-protected when you most need it.
  • In our research, we found that the palm size and the finger length are not in the same proportion for everyone (that makes each of us unique in the truest sense!). In such cases, the primary area of fitment should always be the palm area, even if you are to be left with some extra room near your fingertips.
  • We have used high-density TPU to maximize protection and longevity. While we have added an additional foam layer underneath the TPU, they may feel a bit too hard at the beginning. Thinner and more flexible knuckle protectors are not very effective during a crash and do not last long either.

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