Triumph Speed 400 Back Bliss Back Rest | Moto Crux

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Triumph Speed 400 Back Bliss Back Rest | Moto Crux


• Custom Fit: Precision-Engineered To Perfectly Fit The Triumph Speed 400 Motorcycle Model Without Requiring Modifications.

• Durable Construction: Crafted From Robust Mild Steel (Ms) Material With A 4mm Thickness, Ensuring Strength And Durability.

• Corrosion-Resistant Coating: Coated To Resist Corrosion, Extending The Lifespan And Providing Protection Against The Elements.

• Stylish Design: Aesthetically Pleasing Design That Complements The Overall Look Of The Triumph Speed 400 Motorcycle.

• Enhanced Comfort: Provides A Comfortable And Secure Backrest For The Rider Or Passenger, Improving Long-Distance Comfort.

• Weatherproof: Designed To Withstand Various Weather Conditions, Including Rain, Sun, And Temperature Fluctuations.

• Quality Construction: Crafted With High-Quality Materials And Manufacturing Processes For Maximum Reliability.

• Enhanced Passenger Safety: Provides Added Support And Security For Passengers During Rides.

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