Pro-Spec Easy Ride ER 780

Color: Transparent
Part No: ER 780
Sale priceRs. 2,450.00


Pro-Spec Easy Ride ER 780

Easy Ride Extender Clip-on
ProSpec windscreen extender is a two position adjustable to ensure added riding comfort
Adjustable motorcycle windshield, fixed on the top of original windshield, heightening for better head protection for riders
Easy assembly and disassembly
The wind protection can be significantly better and faster driving noise can be minimized
More comfortable and more relaxed traveling even on faster stretches!
Note: Some parts are pre-assembled, though ProSpec performance parts are designed for DIY installation is it is recommended you have the spoiler installed by a technician if you face difficulty
Extender to be cleaned using water, neutral soap and sponge or microfiber cloth
Never wipe using dry cloth or use solvent as they may scratch or damage the surface texture
For windscreen thickness 3 –5 mm

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