Moto care/Polycarbonate Visor For Ktm Duke 390 Gen-3

Color: Black
Sale priceRs. 2,200.00


Moto care/Polycarbonate Visor For Ktm Duke 390 Gen-3

Introducing the MotoCare Windshield Protector, a premium accessory meticulously crafted for riders of KTM DUKE 390 GEN-3.

  • Customized Design: The MotoCare Windshield Protector is tailored to fit the unique shape and dimensions of your KTM DUKE 390 GEN-3 windshield. Its precision design ensures a snug and secure fit, adding a touch of sophistication to your bike's front profile.
  • Optimal Visibility: Experience crystal-clear visibility during your rides with the MotoCare Windshield Protector. Its high-quality materials are chosen for their transparency and resistance to scratches, contributing to an unobstructed view of the road ahead.
  • Durable Shield: Crafted from robust and weather-resistant materials, the Windshield Protector shields your bike's windshield from road debris, bugs, and harsh weather conditions. This durable construction ensures longevity and protects your investment in your motorcycle.
  • Effortless Installation: Upgrade your bike effortlessly with the MotoCare Windshield Protector. The easy installation process requires no specialized tools, allowing you to enjoy enhanced protection without the hassle.
  • Sleek Design Upgrade: Add a touch of modernity to your KTM DUKE 390 GEN-3 with the MotoCare Windshield Protector's sleek and aerodynamic design. This visor not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your bike but also contributes to improved wind deflection.
  • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Enjoy reduced wind noise and improved aerodynamics with the MotoCare Windshield Protector. Enhance your riding comfort, especially during highway speeds, for a more enjoyable and focused biking experience.
  • Compatibility: This Windshield Protector is exclusively designed for KTM DUKE 390 GEN-3, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

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