Motomax Chain Lube 100ml

Size: 100ml
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Motomax Chain Lube 100ml

Lubrication and corrosion protection of chains and sprockets.
COATS, PROTECTS AND PRESERVE: Motomax chain lube is a unique lubricant taht coats, protects and preserves the chain and sprocket of vehicle; Forms a protective film on chain that avoids friction
APPLICATION: Once sprayed on a clean & dried chain and wheel sprocket, it stays in place and then penetrates into the tightest areas to provide maximum lubricationwhile leaving a protective film as a barrier that clings. Easy to use aerosol can.
PREVENTS CHAIN BREAKAGE & KEEPS VEHICLE IN MOTION: It helps to keep the vehicle/mechinery running smoothly, quietly & longer by preventing chain breakage and enhances chain life; Avoids Sling-off of chain

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