Moto Torque Crash Guard For Honda H'ness CB350

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Moto Torque Crash Guard For Honda H'ness CB350

Made of rigid mild steel tubes 22.2 mm thick, with the highest wall thickness in the class of 2 mm.
• strong and durable enough to withstand impact during abrasion. • All nuts and bolts are stainless steel.
• MIG welding technology is used for connecting the crucial parts for great strength.
• For a uniform finish, grid blasting technology was used before the powder coating process.
• Automated CNC machines are used to bend the tubes for precision and the formation of the crash guard. Design & Product Outlook
• High-quality rigid material is used to design the crash guard to withstand any unfortunate crash.
• Designed to protect the engine case, head, and exhaust front bend pipe during any unfortunate crash.

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