Maxima Extra 4T 10W60

Size: 1 Litre
Material: 4T 10W60
Sale priceRs. 1,399.00


Maxima Extra 4T 10W60

EXTRA4 is a 100% synthetic triple ester engine oil featuring advanced additive technology. By using today’s most advanced additive systems and high-performance synthetic ester based stocks, we have engineered what we believe to be the finest 4-cycle motorcycle specific oil available on the market today. The very latest shear stable polymer systems have been used to assure viscosity stability and virtually eliminate transmission “shear-down” of the oil.

Husqvarna TE 510 (2004 - 2007)

Husqvarna TE 510 (2008 - 2010)

Indian Cheif VIntage (2014 onwards

Indian Cheiftain / Dark Horse ( 2014-2016)

Indian Cheiftain / Dark Horse ( 2018-2019)

Indian FTR 1200 (2019) Indian Scout (2017-2021)

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