Letstrack Gps

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Letstrack Gps

Best Vehicle Security Company In Asia
REALTIME TRACKING & 24-HOUR HISTORY: Secure your 2-whleeler with real-time tracking. This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location, instantly. Do not have time to track your 2-wheeler in real-time? Then, you can check the 24-hour history of where all it has been, on just a single screen and never worry about them again.
VOICE-ENABLED – TALK TO YOUR 2-WHEELER: Yes! You can talk to your bike or scooty anytime with the help of your phone’s virtual assistant – Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. You can give almost any command to the Letstrack app and it will provide you whatever information you seek about your 2-wheeler, wherever it might be. Now, enjoy a seamless experience with your ride!
Real Time Global Tracking: Devices provide uninterrupted real time tracking of all your valuables. Now you can track your loved ones and valuables from anywhere in the world. View the location of your loved ones from anywhere in the world, never lose sight of what's most precious to you Chat with them, or send them geo- tagged images instantly. It's all possible with
GEO-FENCING / ZONE ALERT, SPEED ALERT, PARKING NOTIFICATION & MORE: Letstrack app enables you to create zones for tracking your 2-wheeler. It alerts your loved ones every time you enter or exit the designated area. It also sends you Speed Alert and Parking Notification. VALUE SCREEN – View and manage your engine on/off, fuel detector, safe mode anti-theft, towed alarm, simpler and convenient UI, and Geo-tagged pictures to show your location.
OTHER BENEFITS: No Hidden Cost, FREE Installation, One-Year Warranty, FREE SIM including 1-Year Subscription, Unlimited Sharing of Device, Unlimited Customised Alerts, Sleep Mode, Installed with the Battery of your 2-Wheeler. The device has power back-up for extra hours after being unplugged from the battery – thus portable to use and easy to keep.

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