Groller 220 KG

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Groller 220 KG

Grandpitstop focuses on Making Bike Rides Safe and Comfortable through its innovative designs. GRoller is an ideal replacement to a Paddock Stand and can be carried along with you anywhere on your ride. It's small size and light weight makes it easy to fit in your travel bag and helps you lube and clean your Motorbike chain after long journeys. Weight only 799 gm, this can easily take any bike up to weight of 220kg and Rear Tyre width of 180mm. Now you just have to roll your bike over GRoller to do Chain Cleaning, Lubrication, Tyre inspection etc. Suitable for all mid-sized motorbikes.

What makes it better than others??

  • Easy To Use – DIY
  • Compact - Perfect Companion for Long Rides
  • Single Person Job
  • Perfect Paddock Stand Replacement
  • Can be used for Both Wheels

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