All Ball Racing Fork Oil Seals Pair 55-123

Part No: 55-123
Sale priceRs. 1,350.00


All Ball Racing Fork Oil Seals Pair 55-123

Protect expensive components and prolong fork life by replacing worn seals.

All Balls Racing Fork Seals kits for Dirt Bikes & Motorcycles are manufactured to OEM specifications & tolerances to guarantee quality and superior durability

Made of high quality Vulcanized Rubber
Fits as well as OEM
Three to four times the life than OEM
The seal profile is engineered so that each seal lip places equal pressure on the fork tube. Equalised seal pressure creates less drag and longer seal life.
The seal incorporates a 3rd seal lip which acts as an additional dust wiper to keep the fork tubes clean off dirt and grit.
Dust Seals features external garter springs to keep the fork tubes clean.

Each order contains a set of pair for the fork

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