EBC Double-H Sintered Front Brake Pads for Honda GoldWing (FA261HH)

POSITION: Front Brake
Sale priceRs. 3,500.00


EBC Double-H Sintered Front Brake Pads for Honda GoldWing (FA261HH)

The vast majority of motorcycles come from the factory with Sintered Brake Pads. Sintered pads are almost entirely metallic and are fused using heat and pressure, resulting in a resilient and porous material that delivers consistent performance across the pad’s usable temperature range and in all weather conditions. EBC’s sintered pads deliver a much stronger initial bite than organic pads due to their high coefficient of friction and will last much longer thanks to their almost entirely metal construction. Unlike many sintered pads, Double-Hs do not contain any iron powder, eliminating the chance of a pad welding itself to the disc under corrosion. Sintered pads provide consistent braking regardless of temperature, making them a great choice for any type of bike or riding style. Features: Sintered copper alloy construction Perfect braking in all weather conditions, hot or cold ECE R90 and TUV tested and approved Excellent longevity, strong initial bite and consistent stopping power Ultra high friction HH compound reacts well to heat cycling Includes pads for one rotor

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