ROLON Chain Sprocket Kit  For Yamaha R15 V2 - Htrz Modz
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ROLON Chain Sprocket Kit For Yamaha R15 V2

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ROLON Chain Sprocket Kit For Yamaha R15 V2 :

ROLON is the pioneer of high quality motorbike chains and sprockets. The anti resistance quality of the chain make the product reliable for the usage in any vehicle. Rolonplaces great emphasis on R&D, which has the facility of Pro-E, CAD & CAM. The Government recognized R&D facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the testing of raw materials and finished products.

Features -
  • Anti-resistant and Superior quality.
  • Anti-wear performance which lets vehicle move with full power.
  • Fitted with Hi-Tech accuracy, which reduces noise and provides smoother riding.
  • Unique Features: Advance CSB Chain Technology.
  • Attractive pricing and reliable performance.
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