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Motul Inugel Expert Coolant (1 L)

Vendor: MOTUL
Rs. 215.00

Product Type: lubricant


The Coolant meets JIS –K -2234 of 1994 specification protects the cooling system from freezing (-25 degree Celsius / -13 degree Fahrenheit) and metallic parts from corrosion. Hybrid technology coolant. Fully compatible with IAT, HOAT and OAT coolant technologies. Provides an excellent heat transfer properties to keep engine cool all the time Avoids engine overheating with its high boiling point: 133 degree Celsius (+1.5 bars). Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation properties that remains while ageing. Compatible with seals and plastic parts. Low foaming due to anti-foam properties.


Features & details

  • Vehicle Compatibility: All Bikes with Liquid Cool Engines
  • Hybrid technology coolant
  • Decreases oil consumption
  • Low foaming due to anti-foam properties
  • Lubricant specialist for more than 150 years
  • Very good thermal resistance and stability

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