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Motul C2 Chain Lube for Bikes (400 ml)

Vendor: MOTUL
Rs. 575.00

Product Type: Chain Lube


 Motul chain lube road adheres to the chain even at high speeds. Increases chain durability. No action on seals. Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links. Shake well before use. Apply to the whole length of the inner chain, spraying from top of lower chain run, spinning the wheel backwards.


Features & details

  • Vehicle Compatibility: All Bikes
  • Recommended chain lubricant for all types of motorcycle chains: Standard, with o-ring, x-ring and z-ring, street motorcycles, go-karts etc
  • Colorless and sticky lubricant specifically designed to lubricate all chains of road bikes and karts
  • Reduces friction and loss of power
  • Water and rust resistant
  • Very good thermal resistance and stability

From the manufacturer

Motul C2 Chain Lube for bikes
Motul C2 Chain Lube for bikes

Chain Lube for all Bikes by Motul - Ensuring Smooth Rides and a Great Performance!

Besides changing engine oil, lubricating and cleaning the chain form one of the first forays into smooth riding. With the chain lube by Motul, the task gets all the more easier. It comes in a container that lasts quite long and provides great lubrication to the motorbike chain. This thereby reduces the stress on the engine and ensures a smooth experience on the road. Besides, using chain lube also increases the lifetime of the gear chain.