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Product Type: INTERCOM

Guide voice: English
 - Easy installation, comes with all the necessary attachments for different helmets.  
- Connect to your handphone by bluetooth-Compatible, to pick up phone call and listen to music.  
- Comes with cables that allows you to connect GPS/Sat Nav., Media/MP3 Player, and walkie talkie.  
- Good sound/voice quality within 80km/h - 110km/h; depending on helmet ( full face / open face)  
- Water resistance: Tested and proven during heavy down pour.  
- Battery life: 8-10 hours for V6  You can be assured of the quality and durability of the product.  
- 600mAH battery that can last 8-10 hours on a full charge
- No transmission interference up to speeds of 80-110km/h
- Able to simultaneously pair with 2 different Bluetooth-Compatible enabled mobile phones
- High-fidelity Bluetooth-Compatible transmission of music and voice calls
Automatic reminders that your battery is low and needs recharging over the Bluetooth-Compatible headset
- Paring with rear-seat headset to realize talkback between front and rear seats.
1, V3 can be connected to two Bluetooth-Compatible devices (two mobile phones or a mobile phone + 1 Vimoto Bluetooth-Compatible adapter), do not have the front and rear seats talkback function, the phone can be manually answered only , it is actually a basic version for riding.
2, V6, V8 comes with same function, but different battery capacity.
V6 comes with 600mAh battery capacity, however, V8 is 850mAh instead, V6,V8 can be connected to 3 Bluetooth-Compatible devices (2 mobile phones + 1 Vimoto rear seat bluetooth-Compatible headset or a mobile phone + 1 Vimoto Bluetooth-Compatible adapter + 1 Rear seat bluetooth-Compatible), two pieces V6,V8 have the front and rear seats talkback function, the phone can be automatically or manually answered, with a Voice Coexistence mode, Enable you to hear the sound  from Vimoto bluetooth-Compatible adapter and rear seat bluetooth-Compatible headset at the same time, more powerful than V3
V6 is able to initiate a intercom with V6, V3, V8.  
- For rider and pillion, both parties can reach and press the button on V6 to start a intercom. 10 Meters Intercom Range