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Pad for fast street and superbikesTUV and ECE R90 approved. Longevity and brake effect are extremely high.Perfect braking, wet or dry The EBC flagship sintered streetsport pad provides the best braking power, stability, and longevity.TUV-certified ultra-high HH frictionDouble-HTM pads tested and ECE R 90 brake safety approved. There are few pads on the market that meet or beat the performance of Double-HTM pads. Made in the EBC state-of-the-art sintering plant in Ohio, USA, these pads stop fast-wet or dry-and last for thousands of miles. Most manufacturers build bikes using sintered metal pads, and these are direct replacements for that technology with several differences. First, the refined compounds researched and used exclusively by EBC are second to none in terms of quality of materials and workmanship. Secondly, almost all EBC Double-HTM sintered pads use EBC design perforated stainless steel heat and noise shields on the reverse side, keeping brakes cooler by reducing heat transfer into the bike's hydraulics and dampening noise. For race use, we recommend the EBC Brakes EPFA or GPFAX sintered pad ranges, which are an even higher spec compound with higher brake effect and heat cycling ability. To Fit:MODELS OF THE HUSABERGALL SUPERMOTARD (BERINGER 4 PISTON CALIPER CENTRAL IN FIXING 310MM FRONT DISC)2000-2003GPZ 900 R (ZX 900 A11) KAWASAKIGPZ 900 R A7/A8 19981990–1996 KLZ 1000 Various Models and Years1990-1992 KR-1S (KR 250 C2/C3)Various Models and YearsA1/A2/A6F VN 2000VN 2000 H8F/H9F CLASSIC 2004-20072008-2009ZEPHYR ZR 1100 A1-A4ZR 400 ZEPHYR (G2/G3/G3A/G4/G5) 1992-1995ZX-6R (ZX 600 F1-F3) 1997-20011995-1997ZX 9 R (ZX 900 B1/B2) Multiple Models and Years 1994-1995ZXR 400Various Models and YearsZX 400 K1/K2/K3) ZZ-R 400 (ZX 400 K1/K2/K3)1990-1992ZZ-R 400 (ZX 400 N1-N7) 1993-1999ZZR 1100 (ZX 1100 C1-C3) 1990-1992ZZR 1100 (ZX 1100 D1-D9) 1993-2001ZZR 1200 C1H/C2H ZZR 600 (ZX 600 D1-D3) 2002-2004ZZR 600 (ZX 600 E1-E13) 1990-1993ZZR 600 (ZX 600 E6F) 1993-20052006-2007SUZUKIGSF 1200 K6/AK6 (NAKED BANDIT/NON-ABS MODELS/4 PISTON CALIPER) 2006GSF 1200 SK6/SAK6 (FAIRED BANDIT/NON & ABS MODELS/4 PISTON CALIPER) Multiple Models and Years of the 2006GSF 1250BANDIT GSF 400 K/NK/Z/VM/VZM/P/NP/VP/VZP/VR (GK75A)1989-1994GSF 400 S/VS/V-V/VZ-V BANDIT (GK7AA) 1995-1997GSF 650 Multiple Models and YearsK6 GSR 4002006K6/K7/K8 GSR 600GSX 1250 FAL0/FAL1/FAL2/FAL4/FAL5/FAL6 2006-20082010-2016GSX 1250 FAL0ST/FAL1ST Sports Touring 2010-2014: GK77A GSX 400 SSNKATANA 1992FAK8/FAK9/FAL0/FAL1/FAL2 (ABS) GSX 6502008-2015GSX 650 FK8/FK9/FL0/FL1/FL2 (NO ABS) 2008-2011: GJ73A GSXR 250 RK1989GK73A GSXR 400 J/RR/RAK1988-1990K1/K2/K3/ZK3 GSXR 6002001-2003SRAD GSXR 600 V/W/X/YGSXR 750 Y/K1/K2/K3 1997-20002000-2003GAMMA RG 125 FN/FP/FR (NF13A/REAR DISC MODEL)RG 125 FUN/FUP/FUR GAMMA (NF13B/REAR DISC MODEL) 1992-1994RGV 250 Multiple Models and Years 1992-1994SG350 N GOOSENAKED 1992SV 1000 K3/K4/K5/K6/K72003-2007SV 1000 SK3/SK4/SK5/SK6/SK7 (FAIRED) 2003-2007TL 1000 SV/SW/SX/SY/SK1 1997-2001TV 250 J/K/AK/L (VJ21A) WOLF 1988-1990MODELS WITH 4 PISTON BERINGHER/ERGAL CALIPERS ARE AVAILABLE IN VERTEMATIALL SIZES.1999-2004