Barrel Atom For RE 650

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Barrel Atom For RE 650

ATOM is one hell of a sport muffler for the Royal Enfield 650 Twins from the house of Barrel Exhaust.

95% of buyers say ATOM is "VALUE FOR MONEY" - FREE DB KILLERS TOO!

A design inspired by one of the most powerful ATOM bombs ever made, we could not do justice but to call it ATOM. It's small yet power-packed, simple in design yet mind blowing in aesthetics.

Experience ATOM on your 650 cc Twins and you would sell your stock mufflers or dump them in your attic to rust. ATOM is completely built of the Stainless Steel 304 grade to ensure shine even in rain. The highest quality thermal insulation and sound muffling ensures you get the best acoustics and low external body heat transfer.

ATOM fits perfectly on your 650 just like how the stock muffler would. ATOM comes with precision turned adapters to ensure tight sealing of the mouth to the header pipes.

Black Atom is pre order Only : You will need to wait for max 10 days from date of order for shipping.

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