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Pro Taper universal motorcycle handlebar grip set for scooters, ATVs, & dirt bikes is available with multiple color options; blue, orange, green, black,  red, and yellow. These full diamond pattern handlebar grips are the superlative choice of professional racing, motocross, enduro, and other cycling sports athletes worldwide.

The secret of the Pro Taper grips is in their double layer, Dual Density construction. Unlike most other handlebar grips that use a single layer of foam or rubber, the Pro Taper bonds a diamond textured outer layer to a tenacious inner core. The softer outer side provides the perfect hand hold and vibration reduction. Your palm will thank you if for this fine attribute alone. The inside material is formulated in such a way as to stick to a slick metal handlebar like it was heat-molded on. This ensures a veritable slip-free grasp for the rider. These are the features and benefits of a winning design.

Note: These grips are designed to fit the widest variety of bike and scooter types, brands, and models using the ubiquitous 7/8" to 1" handlebar shaft diameter. Some users may notice a slight difference between the left side grip's inner bore diameter and that on the right side grip. This is by design and is to facilitate mounting on scooters with twist-grip throttles. If one grip feels a just a bit too loose compared to its sibling, we recommend wrapping your that side's handlebar in a thin layer of regular household cellophane tape. Conversely, if one grip seems slightly too tight to affix, it may require a bit of soapy water as a lubricant to slide more easily onto the handlebar.